Richard La Trobe-Bateman has an international reputation for designing and building structures – from chairs and tables to bridges – using home-grown timbers, steel and wire rope

‘Richard demonstrates that ‘craft’ is a fluid, technological activity that cannot be easily categorised into one set of attitudes or lifestyles. In one sense the existence of a ‘salon de refuse’ suits La Trobe-Bateman: it provides him with a home.’ Peter Dormer, The Culture of Craft

‘The main concern of the work, on all scales is to show how the object operates as a physical structure: things like tension, compression, bending, twisting, joining and so on. The geometry, materials and constructional methods are chosen to expose the physical operation of the whole, and of each part, as clearly as possible’.

Commissions of any size are welcome. You are also welcome to visit the workshop in Bath by appointment.

St Martins School of Art, Sculpture, Royal College of Art, Furniture Design

2012 Making Triangles, solo exhibition, Craft Study Centre,
UCA Farnham & Ruthin Craft Centre, Edinburgh
Various, in the UK, Denmark, Austria, USA and Japan

Collections include
Victoria & Albert Museum, Crafts Council, Crafts Study Centre UCA Farnham, Leeds City Art Collection, Royal Society of the Arts

Commissions include
High table and chairs for Pembroke College, Oxford
Library chairs for Keble College, Oxford
Bedgebury Bridge for the National Pinetum, Sussex
Child's high chair presented by the Crafts Council To
HRH Prince of Wales 1982

1983 Pembroke College Competition
2003 Wood Awards Innovation
2005 Wornick Distinguished Professor for Wood Arts, CCA, San Francisco

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Richard La Trobe-Bateman Ruthin Craft Centre
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